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Make sure to get your back to school physicals!

Why are physicals important?

Have you ever thought about why physicals are even necessary every year for your child? The
truth is they are! Children & Teens go through a lot of changes each year as they grow and
develop. A physical is a checkup that makes sure your kids are developing normally. Physicals
catch any health complications that may have started throughout the year.

Why do schools require physicals?

Physical requirements do vary depending on the area that you reside in. However, they are
required so all children are up to date with their shots and vaccines. This protects the other
students & staff around them, ensuring that a disease or virus does not spread around the school.
Remember to always be aware of your child’s school vaccination requirements!

What are sports physicals for?

Sports physicals are a review of your child’s physical health & health history. If your child is not
cleared to play sports it is because they are susceptible to injury or suffer a condition that
could lead to more health complications.

How should I prepare for a physical?

Most schools will have a pan flit or packet for you to follow on what to bring to your child’s
physical. Check your child’s school website if they have not bought something home for you. All
schools are different in requirement, but some common ones are;

  •  Any changes in child health since last physical
  • Insurance cards/ health cards
  • List of medication your child is taking currently
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