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Travel Hygiene Tips for the Holidays

The holiday months are upon us. That means traveling for family gatherings, getaways, and then going back home again. Travel comes with a set of hygiene challenges you’ve likely never faced before and learning how to overcome them and be a challenge, but we’re here to help!

Holiday Hand Hygiene

Holiday time just so happens to be the heat of cold and flu season, so hand hygiene is vital! Don’t skimp on the handwashing and hand sanitizer use as you make your way through airports and gas stations filled and an endless number of bacteria. To prevent dry hands after washing or sanitizing, carry a thick hand cream or ointment to use each time.


You want your skin to look bright and beautiful for holiday pictures with family, but facial hygiene on the go leaves many people scratching their heads. If you are on a plane, carry facial wipes with you to maintain good health. Blotting sheets are a great way to prevent oil build-up, and an acne spot treatment is a natural last resort when you get an unexpected breakout. Skin tends to dry out in the air so if you are flying to your destination, be sure to pack plenty of lip balm and face cream in your carry on!

Body Hygiene

Long trips in the car or plane can quickly leave you with a not-so-fresh feeling that will soon kill your holiday spirit. Consider packing a water-free soap to freshen up in bathrooms without needing a sink bath! Dry shampoo is another excellent travel essential to keep up with body hygiene. It takes away the grease and leaves you smelling fresh! Pack an extra set of clothes in an easy to access bag so you can change in the bathroom as needed. Be sure to remember a powerful deodorant to last against the heat that happens from a lot of people in a small space!


Oral hygiene is essential to have beautiful smiling holiday pictures when you get picked up at the airport, but it can seem impossible when you’re on the go. Before traveling you should invest in some disposable toothbrush picks that offer a small toothbrush packed with a tiny amount of toothpaste. Quickly brush away the grime of your last meal without needing a trip to a bathroom sink! As a last resort, carry gum with you at all times to maintain good oral hygiene while you travel this holiday season.