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How to Build an Occupational Medicine Program

Businesses both large and small need to ultimately need occupational health and medicine programs to protect their employees. However, creating a new occupational medicine requires some key decision-making from business leaders.

In a nutshell, occupational medicine programs are treatment plans designed to help address employees’ work-related injuries or illnesses. A physician requires special training in occupational medicine in order to provide care to employees in these programs.

In addition, occupational medicine needs to help evaluate employee’s ability to perform work-related duties as well as treat injuries. An employee that has substance abuse issues, medical detriments, and a general inability to perform job duties can be evaluated via occupational medicine consult.

So how can small businesses implement occupational medicine programs that are effective in preventing injuries and assist in creating a healthy work environment?

Consider your company/business health and safety goals

Before choosing a provider, make sure your occupational medicine goals are crystal clear: do you want to reduce injuries, make employees healthier overall, or achieve some other health goal for your workers?

Use these company or employee goals to carefully choose a provider or create a wellness program. For the most effective results, institute occupational medicine programs with wellness programs that reward employees for keeping healthy.

Make sure that your occupational health goals are achievable, what your employees may need, and then search for an experienced medical provider.

Align occupational medicine programs with employee needs or medical preferences

An occupational medicine program ultimately needs to satisfy your employee’s needs. A well-managed occupational health service for your employees can improve employee satisfaction, address employee’s healthcare needs, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When choosing a provider or setting an occupational medicine program, it helps to first survey your employees and identify some issues or preferences they have related to health and safety.

Employees may prefer to a faster and more localized medical provider to help manage injuries or safety concerns. Once you understand how an occupational medicine program can assist employees, then it is time for find a provider:

Choose AFC Urgent Care Swampscott for your Occupational Medicine needs

Small and large businesses around the Swampscott area can rely on AFC Urgent Care Swampscott to address their occupational medicine needs.

We provide care for injuries, perform drug tests, resolve worker’s compensation, and administer return to work programs.

Occupational medicine programs require high-quality medical expertise as well as industry experience dealing with employee health programs. That’s why AFC Swampscott is likely an excellent option for your corporate medical needs.

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