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Seasonal Allergy Prevention and Awareness Guide

Sometimes, it is not too surprising to find yourself being bothered with seasonal allergies. Many times, people have specific allergies but they do not take the cautionary steps to address a potential allergy. Taking preventive steps is also not enough as patients need to have treatment options as well.

AFC Urgent Care Swampscott has outlined a seasonal allergy awareness and prevention guide to help you manage your allergies.  As a matter of fact, during springtime many folks struggle with allergy symptoms like runny noses, rashes, itchy and watery eyes, congestion, coughing, sneezing. Any mix of these symptoms will have patients feeling miserable if left unchecked.

Clean your nose when possible

Over-the-counter nasal sprays or a saltwater-mix solution can help de-congest your nose. Make sure to speak with a trusted medical professional before using any type of allergy medication. However, most over-the-counter medicines are great for managing short-term symptoms.

Medications like Nasonex, Flonase, Allegra are little probable of causing you to become sleepy greater than Benadryl (older antihistamines).

Opt for a prescription eye drops or nasal spray

Prescription sprays like Nasonex and Flonase reduces swelling situate in the nose that can offer comfort from symptoms of a nasal allergy. Eyedrops like Optivar, Pataday, Patanol can assist the watery eyes that come with allergic conjunctivitis, otherwise known as eye allergies. Consult with your primary care provider before considering a prescription treatment. 

Additionally, decongestant medications usually do not require a prescription. It does not matter if it is OTC, although, you may need to inquire for your choice medicine at the counter in the pharmacy.

Shut the windows; turn on the A/C

If you have allergies to outdoor allergens, it is best to secure the windows for your health’s sake. With the continuing heat, switching the A/C off and quietly opening your windows might be an alluring attempt for people with tight budget.

Allergy Immunotherapy

Finally, if symptoms still persists and things appear so bad, you can go for allergy shots.

Seasonal allergies are most prominent during the summer and spring, since dry and windy air can carry allergens like pollen further. If you discover that your allergy worries you, these allergy prevention treatments may be of help in getting some relief.

And as always, patients near Swampscott, MA should visit AFC Urgent Care for fast and local allergy symptom treatment. We accept all patients on a walk-in basis, accept appointments, and allow patients to schedule online!

Seasonal allergies shouldn’t control your spring season. Use this guide as a way to be in total control of your allergy triggers!

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