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Why are the Measles Coming Back?

There are numerous recorded cases of the measles in the U.S in 2019, even though that’s not the only country affected. Recent reports documented by the CDC are quite alarming since this year has the second largest number of cases since measles was virtually eradicated in the year 2000.

What are the causes in recent measles spikes in the U.S?

According to updated public health records, there were high numbers of parents who refused to

follow due procedure, Oregon Health Authority released a data which shows that over 33,500 non-medical vaccine exemptions was submitted. In order words, nearly 30,000 were already documented by parents who did self-print forms. Even some schools have made elimination of measles difficult by asking for an education requirement before vaccines can be released. So this could also contribute to occurrence of measles.

So far, CDC confirmed over 500 cases in total across all U.S states in 2019, although the data might not include day-to-day updates. Usually the CDC releases a weekly summary of the disease.

In the vast of majority of these states, it was confirmed that the disease has been travelling among people who are not vaccinated yet or not received the second dose. It could be said that measles is a highly contagious viral disease, symptoms begin a week to 14 days after infection. Vaccination rates have increased during the measles outbreak but statistics states that records of outbreak is quite higher than vaccinations that were at large.

Furthermore, reports shows that there was measles gap that contributed to putting U.S at risk, close to 9 million U.S children are not fully immunized so they are at risk of getting infected and also spreading the virus. During the gap of the vaccine, it was discovered that the outbreak was massive, infecting about 150 people in a week.

The CDC’s national immunization survey which was used by the team was used to calculate that 12.5 percent of all U.S are either vaccinated or not fully vaccinated against the virus. It is mandatory for children to get two doses of the combined measles, numbs and rubella for a complete elimination of the virus.

For measles to stop reoccurring, there should be high release of vaccines and parents should be more orientated about the virus can do if not properly looked into.

Make sure your child’s vaccinations are updated and visit AFC Swampscott for fast vaccines

The best way to prevent the spread of measles in your home and among your children is to get an updated measles vaccine and to review vaccination history with a trustworthy medical provider. 

Patients that require nearby vaccination services or local urgent care vaccines should visit AFC Swampscott for updated vaccines. We accept walk-in patients and allow parents to schedule appointments in advance.

The measles shouldn’t create unnecessary fear and stress in your household. Make sure you and your children are vaccinated and properly protected!