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Evidence-Based Nutrition Tips for Overall Health

There’s no shortage of health myths being spread around. Crash diets, false claims, and health tips with no scientific backing are more common than factual health tips. We wanted to set the record straight and give you nutrition tips that have been studied and backed by real evidence.

Nuts are Good for You

People often wonder if nuts are actually good for any nutritional needs, due to their high fat content. The short answer is yes, they’re good for you. Nuts are loaded with vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Magnesium, vitamin E, and omega 3 properties are just a few. Nuts are a filling snack that can be taken on the go and they fulfill the crunchy factor that many people miss from chips.

Coffee isn’t Unhealthy

There are a lot of misconceptions about coffee. While it isn’t good in excess because of the caffeine content, coffee in moderation is a great addition to your diet. Coffee is filled with powerful antioxidants that help lower your risk for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more. Added cream and sugar can create a very high calorie coffee though so stick to black coffee, or as close to black as you can tolerate!

Cut Carbs and Sugar

Carbs and sugar slow your bodies metabolism. Foods that contain high amounts of carbs and sugar are typically very high in calories, while not being filling. If you cut the carbs and sugar in your diet and replace them with protein, healthy fats, and vegetables, you’ll kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Your metabolism will increase while your hunger is decreased. Low-carb veggies are a great option to feel full without eating too many calories.

Season All of Your Food

Herbs and spices have many hidden health benefits. From anti-inflammatory properties to antioxidant properties, herbs and spices shouldn’t be overlooked. In addition to their health benefits, seasoning your food is a great way to make healthy foods more exciting! Play around with a variety of herbs and spices to find those that match your palette the best.

When it comes to your diet it’s best to stick to the facts. Look for nutrition tips that can be backed by science, not just word of mouth. If you have any questions or concerns about nutrition advice you hear, ask your doctor for more information! Creating a more nutritious diet opens the door to weight loss, improved health, and a better lifestyle every day.

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