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Early Flu Prevention Skills and Tips to Get Ready for Fall

The summer is ending which means that fall is right around the corner! With all the festivities and other fun things to do this fall, you want to be ready to stay healthy and not miss a second of it. 

But the flu season is also ready to begin and could put a damper on all your upcoming plans if you don’t plan accordingly. 

Flu season can start as early as August and September and continue all the way through March. It is highly likely that you will come into contact with some that is carrying the flu or is infected with the flu. Millions of individuals each year miss work, school, and other commitments for weeks because of the flu. 

The good news for families is that the flu is one of the most easily preventable diseases. By making a few medical appointments and necessary precautions, you and your family can stay flu-free this autumn (and winter…and spring)! 

Get your flu shot ASAP for you and your children!

By far the most effective way for families to prevent the flu is to get an updated flu shot each year. 

The flu strain changes and adapts each year, which means that annual vaccines are required for patients. By getting the flu shot as early as possible, patients can protect themselves from any major spikes of the flu within their community. Patients over the age of six are recommended to get their flu shot whenever they have time to do so. 

If you are having trouble finding a time or place to schedule a flu shot, simply visit a nearby urgent care center! Urgent care centers also have walk-in clinics where patients can get their flu shot without the need for an appointment. Simply visit and get your flu shot in just a few minutes. 

Teach your child proper hygiene when they are at school

During school, your child may come into contact with teachers, children, and other individuals that have a case of the flu. To reduce their infection rate, teach your child proper hygiene when they are at school. 

Hygiene skills that can help reduce your child’s chances of getting the flu include frequent hand washing, cleaning personal spaces, avoiding contact with infected or sick peers, and using hand sanitizer appropriately. 

Staying alert for any community outbreaks of influenza

Follow updates about any community flu outbreaks or cases to help you and your family stay protected during flu season. Throughout the year, your town or city could experience a sudden increase in flu cases. Local news and public health officials may then provide guidance and updates for community members to help lower infection rates. 

Once you’re alert about any updates, make sure you and your family members have updated flu vaccines and avoid any areas in town that have abnormally high cases of the flu.

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