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How Blood Pressure Screenings Improve Overall Health

Staying on top of your overall health is key to ensure that you live the happiest and most stress-free life possible. Frequent primary care and urgent care appointments are simple and effective ways to ensure you stay healthy this year. However, blood pressure screenings and similar services alone can help improve overall health for most patients. 

Recently, new guidelines for high blood pressure changed since new studies found that high blood pressure at even moderate rates can increase your risk of chronic disease. The new guidelines, here, suggest that a lower measure of blood pressure under 120/80 is healthy. Anything above that may indicate that your risk of hypertension is elevated. 

But why does knowing your blood pressure improve health? How can blood pressure screenings ensure that you stay healthier throughout your life? 

Blood pressure screenings detect chronic disease risks

Patients that may have chronic diseases, or risk factors of chronic disease, benefit greatly from blood pressure screenings. If you are overweight, diabetic, have high cholesterol, or a similar risk factor, then your chances of hypertension are increased. 

High blood pressure, or “hypertension,” by itself can cause heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions. Routine blood pressure screenings are a great way to detect any risks for hypertension and provide immediate treatment or referrals to specialists. 

A blood pressure screenings helps your provider improve on other health goals

Routine blood pressure screenings also allow your primary or urgent care provider to recommend new treatment options or health planning for your needs. 

For example, people with hypertension may need specialized nutritional plans, wellness programming, and other needs to safely begin new routines. A blood pressure screening helps advise specialists on how to slowly begin new exercise routines and other important healthcare goals. 

Physicians and providers may also use the results of your screening to determine if unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol use, or drug use are directly contributing to higher blood pressure.

Blood pressure screenings are fast and affordable at an urgent care center

Any patient that may need a blood pressure screening can do so at an urgent care center. An urgent care center or walk-in clinic has staff that provide accurate and fast screenings so you don’t have to wait at a primary care office! 

Luckily for patients in Beverly, Lynn, or Danvers, MA, AFC Urgent Care Swampscott provides immediate screenings on a walk-in basis. Simply visit our location or give us a call directly for more information!

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