We are offering walk-in Rapid COVID-19 Antigen and Rapid 1-HOUR PCR Testing at our Swampscott clinic – NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED. Online registration is still recommended (please follow all steps and upload insurance information and photo ID).  We are also seeing patients for general urgent care needs and following the strictest protocols for patient safety.


What types of care does telemedicine cover for patients?

Telemedicine is the virtual delivery of medical care for patients through a smartphone, computer, or other internet connected device. Telemedicine, or “telehealth,” allows our urgent care providers to connect directly to patients in their home and deliver care on-demand; patients just need their phone to see a doctor and get immediate medical consultation.

The need for telemedicine has surged in recent weeks as COVID-19 cases across the United States now eclipse 1,000,000 cases. COVID-19 has caused major disruptions within everyday life: from the closure of businesses and community organizations, to self-quarantine mandates by governors across the U.S, COVID-19 is one of the most pressing healthcare crises in recent memory. COVID-19 has also caused mass deferrals in healthcare since many patients don’t want to leave their homes and risk a coronavirus infection. But the good news for many patients is that telemedicine is able to address patient need for acute healthcare right in their home, without the need for additional travel.

Unless it is a medical emergency, telemedicine and telehealth urgent care are able to provide immediate healthcare access for many patients. A patient has to book an appointment online in order to get care from our provider team. Here is a quick breakdown of the medical services provided by telehealth and telemedicine:

Illness symptoms like sneezing and coughing are ideal for telemedicine visits

Sudden illness symptoms including sneezing, coughing, fever, and congestion can mean a few things. Generally, patients associate these symptoms for a case of the common cold or influenza. But with the rise of COVID-19, patients may panic and believe their symptoms are a result of the virus since coronavirus causes the same symptoms as less harmful viruses. Thankfully, a telemedicine visit allows patients to evaluate symptoms and their COVID-19 risks remotely.

Any patient that books a telemedicine or telehealth visit can check if their symptoms are a result of a common seasonal illness or if it could be a COVID-19 infection. Providers screen a patient’s symptoms, condition, and risk factors to accurately coordinate treatment and care right in their home. Direct guidance from a provider allows a patient to quickly determine their next healthcare needs.

Acute skin rashes, bites, stomach issues, and more is treatable via telemedicine

AFC Urgent Care Swampscott has compiled a list of urgent care services that are available for patients to help them get immediate care remotely. If you have any questions about telemedicine and telehealth urgent care, then please contact our team today! On top of illness treatment and COVID-19 screenings, telemedicine can help patients with the following conditions:

  • Skin rashes
  • Bug bites
  • Stomach issues (stomach ache and diarrhea)
  • Sinus pain
  • UTI
  • Sore throat
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • and more

Telehealth visits at AFC Urgent Care Swampscott are fast, affordable, and remote, so you can get care when you need it. Learn more by booking an appointment today!