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How to Stay Healthy and Safe During the Fall Season

The temperatures are getting lower, leaves are falling, and pumpkins are being sold – all of this can only mean one thing: fall is here! This is a wonderful time of year filled with family fun and beautiful scenery. Despite how great the fall season is, it also presents a new set of health risks. Follow these tips to keep your family safe and healthy through all of the fall fun! 

Driving Safety

During the fall, it gets darker earlier in the day. That darkness leads to a higher number of driving related injuries and accidents. Remember to use extra caution when driving after dark and if you don’t feel comfortable driving after dark, avoid it altogether. Pay close attention to your surroundings because pedestrians, people riding bikes, and animals are all much harder to see once the sun goes down. 

Illness Prevention

Fall season is the start of flu season which affects millions of people each year. At the beginning of flu season, visit a nearby urgent care center to get your flu shot! There are multiple versions of the vaccine available to meet the medical needs of almost anyone. There’s even a nasal spray available if you’d rather not get a shot! The flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu. You should also practice good hand hygiene, keep your distance from others, and avoid crowded areas during the flu season. If you think you may have the flu, visit an urgent care center for same-day testing and treatment to manage your symptoms. 

Injury Prevention 

Halloween and pumpkin carving are two common fall activities that have a high rate of injury. Avoid injury on Halloween by avoiding costumes that impede your vision, hang below your ankles, or otherwise make it hard to see your surroundings and move freely. If you plan to go trick or treating, make sure your costume has visible reflective tape so you’re easily visible by drivers. Parents should inspect their children’s Halloween candy before it’s eaten to check for signs of tampering. 

Pumpkin carving should be done using the right tools. Purchase a pumpkin carving kit, rather than just using knives you have around the house. If you have young children, pumpkin painting is a great option too! Never let your child carve pumpkins without adult supervision and always ensure you have good lighting and a clean, dry surface before you begin. 

For more fall safety tips and illness prevention, contact your local urgent care center today! Urgent care centers are also a great resource for quick injury and illness treatment when you need it.