We are offering walk-in Rapid COVID-19 Antigen and Rapid 1-HOUR PCR Testing at our Swampscott clinic – NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED. Online registration is still recommended (please follow all steps and upload insurance information and photo ID).  We are also seeing patients for general urgent care needs and following the strictest protocols for patient safety.


Pediatric Travel Medicine and Vaccines

Nothing makes parents happier than watching their children have a great time on a family vacation. The pay off of all that hard work in planning and preparation lies in the feeling you get when you hear your kids laugh and play with joyous smiles on their faces.  And we at AFC Swampscott know that nothing in the world can replace that feeling.

The last thing any parent would want to deal with when traveling is the fear of the unknown. We understand that when traveling with children, issues like diarrhea and an upset stomach can become significant stressors for parents. The very thought of visiting a doctor in a foreign country in addition to worrying about missing flights, cancellations, and travel medical insurance is not something any parent would want to do. 

Which is why you can benefit from the experience of our doctors who have helped hundreds of families like yours get prepared for their epic family vacation. In fact, our own staff has traveled extensively with their kids and knows exactly the issues you can face. Our board-certified physicians can review your family’s medical history, allergies and past medications (if any) along with your itinerary to guide you as to what to watch out for.

We also stock most travel medicine and vaccines to give you the maximum convenience of everything getting done under one roof. But more importantly, we don’t oversell. Our doctors understand that the risks when traveling to the Caribbean Islands are different than those when going to Africa for a safari. Therefore we only recommend vaccines and travel medicine after carefully looking at your travel plans and medical history.

At AFC Swampscott, there are no appointments, you can simply walk-in anytime and we’re even open on weekends.  If you want to call ahead and schedule a consult we can certainly accommodate that too.  Please do note that we only provide travel consults for children older than 6 months of age.

We also know that kids can be a little challenging sometimes (especially given the anxiety associated with shots) so we’ve got a kid-friendly waiting room and our highly trained staff will make them feel at home. We’ll even try to give you priority if we can.  So what are you waiting for, visit our travel clinic today!